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Surlingham Primary is a small and friendly primary school situated just five miles south of Norwich. At present there are 55 children at the school, aged between four and eleven in four small classes. The main building, which houses two classes, is Victorian, and the school has recently has two new classrooms built in a similar style. The school is set in the village of Surlingham itself, and most of the children come from the village and from nearby Bramerton, although we have pupils coming to us from as far afield as Claxton, Rockland, Langley, Trowse, Poringland and Norwich!

The school prides itself in knowing each pupil well and making sure each child is happy in their work and challenged to learn to their full potential. As a result the atmosphere in school is relaxed and positive, and contributes to the high level of attainment and standards of behaviour at the school. At Surlingham we believe that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves. We develop our curriculum creatively and incorporate children’s ideas into our planning to make sure children are engaged in learning. We believe that learning should always have a real purpose.

We believe that providing a secure environment where children are listened to and contribute to the running of the school helps them develop into responsible adults. At Surlingham we have an active school council, which meets regularly and works hard to make life at school even better. We try and make every child’s experience of school enriching, and offer everyone the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and attend a sports club, as well as offering many after school activities, such as karate and art and craft so that we can begin to develop the many talents of our pupils.

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