Willow Class


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Welcome to Willow class. We are a mixed age year 5 and 6 class. Our main teacher is Ms. Fenning but we are also taught by Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Spurgeon and Mrs. Norris.

In our class there is a strong ethos of working hard to achieve our potential. We are encouraged to always ‘have a go’ and to give everything our best shot. We practice a ‘growth mindset’ and accept that our continued efforts, and our willingness to make mistakes, will result in our best learning.

We are inquisitive and eager to learn about the world around us; we take an inquiry-based approach to learning in which we are taught how to find, and research, our own answers to a range of topic-based questions. We read with increased analytical skill, write with increased purpose and awareness of our reader, process mathematical problems with increased fluency and reasoning skills and we often partake in bursts of music and singing, whenever there’s an excuse to fit it in to our day!

Throughout the year, we are very busy with lots of exciting opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, including a wide range of practical science, DT and art activities and weekly PE and outdoor learning sessions. We also enjoy going on school trips including a highly anticipated residential during the Spring term!

Our teachers are immensely proud of the way we work hard to set positive examples to the younger children of the school and prepare ourselves for the next stage in our own school careers.

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